By Brian Heuberger

All unmanned air crafts and flying drones reflect innovative technological and engineering achievements. The Denver-based Aerial Imaging Productions (AIP) has capitalized on the technology by attaching high-quality cameras to their drones and by using the crafts to film exceptional video pieces.

The power of aerial videos has helped the company promote and sell many massive properties, and now the company is branching out to further increase the marketing services that aerial videos can provide.

Ranch Sales Innovation in the Air

Behind the scenes. Image: Aerial Imaging Productions.

AIP was created by CEO Jeff Buerger. Buerger grew up on a ranch, had been selling ranches for more than 20 years and is a partner with the prestigious ranch sales company Hall and Hall. In 2007, Buerger generated the unique idea of using remote control crafts to film ranch properties and showcase the features of the land. Buerger then teamed up with his long-time friend Matthew Dunn to form AIP.

However, in 2007 drone technologies and aerial videos were not well known to the public, and many skeptics within the ranching industry dismissed and laughed at the seemingly outlandish concept.

We had a hard time telling people that we were going to get a remote control helicopter out there, film the property and put a video together for them,” Buerger says. “People weren’t buying in, they weren’t understanding, and so there were a lot of barriers to entry.

As a result, AIP had to convince the ranching industry that aerial videos could be produced and could effectively market their properties. To do this, Buerger compiled scientific research to illustrate the ability for videos to effectively influence and persuade buyers.

We showed clients the power of video to demonstrate that this is where it’s all heading,” says Buerger.

“The evidence supports that after you watch videos you actually do something, buy something and spend money,” he explains.

“So we tried to employ the psychology and science behind it to elevate what we do, and we were successful in earning people’s confidence and trust.”

Once AIP took flight, the impact of their videos rapidly propelled the company to impressive heights of success.  

Many aspects of the videos enabled the company to flourish. The superior maneuvering capabilities of their drone crafts are especially beneficial. The drones can fly up to the 400-foot altitude limit established by the Federal Aviation Administration, hover at ground level and maneuver through difficult-to-access areas that would be impossible for full-sized crafts to reach.

This allows the cameras to capture rare footage of properties, which humans would otherwise never see. For instance, the videos display clear and gorgeous shots of the land, scenery, animals, rivers and other appealing features in the area.

Beyond the Video

However, storytelling is crucial to the services of the company. Rather than just showing images, a scriptwriter and a voice narrator tell the stories of the properties and the images. In each video, the narrator describes the history of the property, the size and scope of the land, interesting anecdotes about the area and the many beneficial features of the property.

Our professional scriptwriter is an award-winning journalist and author,” explains Buerger.

We have to get the story right on the front end, and that involves integrating all of the information and getting the basis of the storyline.”

Buerger continues, “Then that gives us a good idea of our platform and how we should shoot something, so it’s similar to a traditional storyboard.”

The storytelling promotes properties by triggering the emotions of the viewers and conveying helpful information for prospective buyers.  

We want people walking away feeling an emotional attachment, especially for the owners that have a sentimental attachment to the property,” says Buerger.

Then the buyers are appreciative because they can sit down and watch something that’s compelling, entertaining, informative and helps them learn something in the process.

AIP’s Success and Future

The combination of beautiful aerial footage and compelling stories makes the videos highly effective. The videos of AIP have directly led to the sales of many ranches, parks, golf courses, real estate developments, commercial properties and industrial complexes. Additionally, the sales often involve massive properties and multi-million dollar transactions.  

The success of AIP has also enabled the company to branch out and provide many other innovative services, including:

  • Geospatial tours
  • Time-lapse footage
  • 3D modeling service

The 3D modeling service is especially beneficial for new building development projects. The 3D models show the actual landscape in the area without the building, and then accurate computer graphics show what the new building or structure will look like after it is built in the area.

However, now AIP is excited about forming a partnership with Esri, an elite indoor mapping company. Together AIP and Esri can film real estate properties, provide customers with virtual tours of the interior units, and show the actual views from the windows in the units.  

We’re always trying to evolve,” says Buerger.

As the tech has advanced, we’ve been branching out into other services, and now we’re doing terrain modeling, infrared systems, mapping and GIS services.”

AIP is even going beyond that, as Buerger explains, “We’re always trying to assimilate the next level of technology that can help a buyer or seller, educate the public and tell a story in a way that really provokes emotion.”

AIP has successfully proven the power of the video and the impact of aerial footage. The high-quality videos have helped clients market and sell many multi-million dollar properties. As AIP grows, the ambitious company will continually improve the technological capabilities of their aerial videos, increase the marketing services of the company and maximize their ability to promote properties and entice buyers.