Image via General Assembly / LinkedIn. 

By Kaitlin Wasik

We all recognize that technology is an integral part of our lives, an aspect that is constantly changing and requires us to adapt and learn. New technologies can improve the way we do things, both personally and professionally. But if we don’t keep up it can feel like these developments are actually roadblocks.

Enter a new friend to the Denver scene: General Assembly.

General Assembly (GA) wants to help us thrive in this ever-changing technological world. A global education organization that provides workshops, classes and immersive programs to empower individuals with new skills, GA opened its most recent office in Denver.

Part of the Denver Community

Denver, Meet General Assembly.

In March, General Assembly held a free launch party to introduce themselves and engage the Denver community in conversation about our changing workplace. They gathered a crowd at Industry, shared office spaces encouraging creativity and community in the RiNo area. Plus, a panel discussed the intense population growth in Denver, how it’s impacting the job scene and the shifts needed in our education system to accommodate new expectations of job skills.

The panelists discussed how more and more jobs are requiring multiple skills that aren’t always taught in school, and how technology is moving too fast for the traditional four-year higher education model.

“Ninety-nine percent of our full-time grads find jobs within six months of graduating.”

GA is committed to solving the gap between higher education and the skills actually required in the workforce.

Denver is attracting a growing number of tech-savvy new businesses and GA recognizes the opportunity for growing local talent. GA’s Regional Director for Denver, Brooke Smith, shares:

“We’re incredibly excited to continue to get to know the Colorado community, help develop a new generation of talent and meet the growing hiring needs of the greater Denver area.”

What Does General Assembly Do?

Late night session at GA, via Instagram

GA meets individuals where they are to develop the most in-demand skills across data, design, business and technology. They offer full- or part-time courses for those looking to make a career change, as well as single day workshops or boot camps for those in search of honing a specific skill. GA even hosts networking events to help build a professional community.

Classes are taught by experts in the field who provide practical strategies for utilizing new skills in the real world. Class topics range from web development to coding; from data science to digital marketing.

Denver is GA’s 15th campus, with locations in 10 U.S. cities, as well as the U.K., Australia and Asia. Along with their valuable class selection, this array of locations allows for an impressive and active alumni network for those who join the GA community.

How is GA Different From Any Other Class?

GA prides itself on an “education-to-employment” approach, developing all courses with the workplace in mind. Smith describes:

“Ninety-nine percent of our full-time grads find jobs within six months of graduating. We work with our network of employers to help shape our course curriculum alongside our instructional designers as partners in course development to ensure that we are teaching the most relevant and in-demand skills that employers are actually looking

And when they’re launched back into the real world, they can show potential employers real results from their skills and training. Smith continues, “Our students are challenged with projects throughout the course so that they graduate with portfolios and examples of what they can do.”

GA courses are for anyone and everyone, providing the opportunity to interact with a wide variety of individuals with all different backgrounds.

“We’ve had students ranging from MBAs to former professional dancers to biologists! Our average student comes to us with about six years of experience under their belt so you can anticipate a wide range of professional makeups,” Smith explains.

If you’ve been feeling behind in a certain area of your job, have been ignoring the urge to follow your tech passion toward a new career or are just a bit curious about learning new skills, check out GA’s class offerings and upcoming events