Every year the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) showcases some of the best technology in the country and from around the world. Last month, eager tech companies descended on Las Vegas to show off their innovative ideas and products. Denver made quite a dent this year with three feature exhibitors and a little over 40 main exhibitors. This certainly isn’t all of them but here are nine of the ones we’re most excited about.

Panasonic and the City of Denver

First thing’s first, let’s talk about one of the biggest announcements made at CES that is going to directly affect Denver and that is the “Smart City” project that will be lead by Panasonic. Panasonic has multiple projects they plan to implement over the coming years, most of them based in or around the Denver International Airport. The focus will be on solar energy and sustainability and will include things like programmable LED street lights and video analytics of traffic and parking in the city.

Asius Technologies

Asius has been making and modifying headphones and in-ear technology for around 50 years, but it was in 2014 when they partnered with 1964 EARS and launched a kickstarter, that the company started to gain some attention. The partnership produced 1964ADEL, headphones with advanced technology that make lower volumes sound louder than they are to reduce damage done to eardrums by typical headphones.

Titan Robotics

Photo: Titan Robotics

Titan Robotics specializes in 3D printing, but not just regular 3D printing, 3D printing on an incredibly large scale. Titan Robotics uses their printers to create everything from fully functional robots and prosthetics to sculptures and art. Titan Robotics sells industrial sized 3D printers to clients as well as takes commissions for 3D printing projects.

Aspect Solar

Photo: Aspect Solar

Aspect Solar is the leader in portable solar energy, carrying everything from large lithium batteries to small, collapsible solar panels. All of Aspect Solar’s products can not only capture solar energy to be used in that moment, but they can also store energy, making them perfect for overnight camping trips or when regular home power is interrupted. All of Aspect Solar’s products also use a technology called Sun Tracking. Sun Tracking allows the panels to follow the track of the sun and find the direction it’s shining as it moves across the sky, making them much more efficient and less time-consuming.

BioCare Systems

Photo: BioCare Systems / LumiWave

BioCare Systems attended CES to showcase their product, LumiWave, an infrared LED chain of panels that can be worn over areas where patients experience chronic or muscle pain. Light can be used to stimulate the body’s own biochemical process of reducing pain and inflammation in a process known as low-level light therapy. Using low level infrared or ultraviolet beams, pain can be reduced and temporarily eliminated. LumiWave is different in that is uses infrared LEDs which are proven more safe and more effective. The chain consists of four LED panels and can be placed anywhere on the body.

Tendril Energy Systems

Photo: Tendril Energy Systems

Tendril brings energy efficiency and data collection to smartphones and tablets to allow companies and homeowners to see how much of their energy usage is being used. Using a technology known as Energy Intelligence, Tendril collects from 300 data points in a home or business and uses that information to deliver highly accurate predictions of energy consumption. Their home energy reports can compare your energy use to other homes as well as predict future use and segment how much energy is being used where.


Photo: Sphero

Our good friends at Sphero’s products have already been available in retail stores such as Brookstone for a while now and they’re also the maker of the tiny BB-8 that everyone has been losing their minds over since December. Sphero also stands out from the pack by using app-enabled robots, meaning all of their robots are controlled by an app you download to your phone after purchase.

Nite Ize

Photo: Nite Ize

Nite Ize is an innovative company that specializes in LED products like dog collars and bike lights. They also make other types of versatile hardware such as glow in the dark key rings and universal mounts and stands for smartphones and tablets. We have to admit some of our favorite products are the ones that won’t be changing the world as we know it anytime soon, such as the LED glow up dog toy ball and the professional grade LED light up disc golf accessories. But innovation can be fun and silly too!

Sound Pockets

Photo: Sound Pockets

Speaking of fun and exciting innovations, Sound Pockets is the answer to a problem that people all over the country struggle with, knotted headphones. Sound Pockets phone cases come with a slot for credit cards and IDs as well as a removable pod that keeps your headphones neatly wrapped up and secure. They have cases for almost every kind of smartphone on the market including iPhone 6 and Plus, iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S5. Their cases are fairly affordable, ranging from around 20 dollars to 40 dollars based on the level of protection they offer. Each case comes with a pair of Sound Pocket headphones but the pod is also compatible with other in-ear headphones.

The innovation and technology out of Denver and the surrounding area at this year’s CES was stunning and we’re so glad that more and more Denverites are starting to make an appearance in the tech scene. Though some of these companies focus on B2B products and services, some of them are also available for consumer purchase and they’re definitely worth checking out!