This is Voltower.

It’s secretly one of the most clever Kickstarter campaigns we’ve seen in a while, and we get a lot of Kickstarter campaigns passed across our desks here at Innovators Peak Worldwide Headquarters (name pending).

We’ve all got a phone, tablet and laptop charger, and various other cords for smartwatches and VR widgets and interfacing mainframe receptors (or something). All of these devices need power, baby, and that need requires a lot of organization.

Our power strips end up looking something this:

No, no, no, no, no.

But that’s where Voltower by Abov Power Solutions comes in to play. Voltower, based out of Philly, is the first of its kind; I’m actually pretty surprised I haven’t seen anything like this before.

As the name may imply, Voltower is an outlet tower, standing 25 inches tall and extending up to 36 inches, meaning no more leaning awkwardly out of your bed to answer that email on your short little iPhone charger.

A quiet, simple genius. 

Voltower has outlets on both its top and bottom, so you can use the top for cords you take with you a lot and the bottom for cords that generally stay put. The top strip comes with two outlets and four USB ports and the bottom comes with four additional outlets. In case you lost count, that’s 10 devices you could be using at the same time, without creating some big tangle tornado.

On its Kickstarter, the Voltower has a little under $30,000 with a goal of $188,888 and only 50 days left. Packages range from one Voltower all the way to 100, making them perfect for homes and businesses.

We’re pretty excited to continue watching Voltower’s progress as they near their April 3rd end date. Like many reputable kickstarters, the only way the company will see any money is if they reach their goal, so definitely consider donating! You only need to pledge $69 (hehe) to get one Voltower when they’re released in the summer.