One of the biggest hits at last year’s COIN Summit was without a doubt the Xfinity Innovation Think Tank.

Photo via @jowyang

For those who don’t remember, COIN 2014 is where Innovators Peak got its start and it was largely thanks to the Think Tank’s primary theme of “Future Forward, Faster” that provided the inspiration for this project.

The Think Tank gathered six Colorado thought leaders within a glass box and dropped it on a slab of concrete at the center of the event with one goal: frame a meaningful dialogue around the future of innovation in Colorado.

Think of it as a hotbox for innovation and collaboration.

The result: the “Colorado Innovation Manifesto.”  Check it out:

COIN Think Tank from SparksGrove on Vimeo.


Nearly a year later, with COIN Summit 2015 approaching—we’re looking ahead to what’s happening this year and guess what? Our favorite event is back—bigger and better.

Bigger and better how, you ask? We don’t know the specifics yet, but word of mouth told us that we may be looking at something more than just a simple glass box this year. “Bigger, better,” they tell us.

Hell, we don’t even know who’s going to be in it yet and were already all sorts of amped up.

In an increasingly virtual world, showcasing the people that generate the ideas that shape our society is an incredibly powerful concept.  It’s so easy to sometimes forget that our world is powered on ideas, so to actually watch that actually take place today is an extremely innovative process that we’re eager to witness once again.

Our friend Brian Corrigan (a participant in last year’s Think Tank) has similar feeling:

“The Xfinity Innovation Think Tank at the COIN Summit provided a transparent and open space to discuss the important topics shaping our shared futures,” he recently told us, “Fostering these type of conversations are critical to building successful communities that are civically engaged.”

Remember: Bigger. Better.

Once we get the specific details on how and why, we guarantee we’ll be the first ones reporting it. So set your Twitter mobile notifications for #COIN2015 and Innovators Peak to “ON” because you’re not going to want to miss this.