Ah, Thanksgiving. The food-filled holiday that’s sandwiched between spooky Halloween and obnoxious Christmas that brings families together to eat, argue, watch football and Charlie Brown, eat, argue, and eat. It’s simply a wonderful day.

Although Thanksgiving is one of the best holidays ever (it is), it can be pretty overwhelming for the hosts of the greatest dinner of the year. What with all the shopping, preparing, table setting, cooking, and overall entertaining. Hosting Thanksgiving is an ambitious affair, one that requires as much help as you can gather.

But since family can’t always be counted on, what with all the football and arguing about politics, help can be difficult to come across during this warm, cozy, foodie holiday. And that’s where #tech steps in.

Tech is the perfect helper when it comes to hosting a dinner like Thanksgiving. No, I’m not talking about the electric turkey knife (it’s tacky and you know it). Everything from the menu planning, to the cooking, to the managing of your guests can all be solved from your tablet or smartphone.

But what exactly do you need to do? What apps should you use? What tech is out there?

Relax, buddy, let’s take a look.

Prep Work


First things first, you need a menu, you need the ingredients, you have to set the table, and you have to set the mood. A lot of this needs to be taken of before Thanksgiving (I mean, you can try day-of, but you’re not gonna like it) so that this day can be as stress-free as possible.

For meal prep, try using Cook Smarts, a meal-planning service that helps you plan out your weekly meals, helps users learn how to cook, explore new recipes, and become generally comfortable in your kitchen. You just find the recipes you want to use, make and download/print a grocery list, and BOOM your entire menu and all planned out and ready to rock.

And then there’s décor. People think it’s all about the food, but décor is just as valuable to a perfect Thanksgiving experience as anything else. Of course, the right décor can be hard to come across, and sometimes people don’t have the budget for it. That’s why you should totally use Design*Sponge, a DIY design app that makes it super easy to make your home a beautiful display of design. With all the cool stuff you’ll find on their site and app, you’ll have a table so beautiful people won’t even want to eat on it. Until they see the food that is.


You’ll probably need help doing all this. Just reach out to TaskRabbit and get yourself a little helper! Whether you need help with kitchen prep, setting the table, or fetching the groceries, TaskRabbit can totally do it.



Once you’ve got all your ingredients, your recipes all figured out, and the table is being set, it’s time to get cooking. This is where you’re most likely to be super stressed out, so let’s try and reduce that stress by being as organized as possible.

KitchenPad Timer is going to be your best friend on Thanksgiving. Why? Because it runs multiple timers. You’ll be able to properly plan out what goes into the oven when, and have the entire meal ready all at a convenient time. No burning the cranberry sauce, no drying out the turkey, and no forgetting about the sweet potatoes. Everything’s all timed out.

Another nifty little tool to help you out is a wireless thermometer. It’s super easy to overcook (and ruin) your turkey. And with all the things that will be in the oven, you’ll want to stay on top of what the varying temperatures are so that nothing is burned or ruined. So grab yourself a wireless thermometer and take a breather from all the madness.



Everyone’s got that thing they love to watch on Thanksgiving. Some people love the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, others love A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving, my grandmother loves when they play It’s a Wonderful Life, and most of us love watching football. So how do you figure out who watches what, when? Why not DVR it with Xfinity? Everyone can have a turn watching their favorite Thanksgiving program.

And the availability of tablets gives the Charlie Brown lovers and football fans each their own space to get into the Thanksgiving mood. With the tech that’s available, there’s no need to fight over the remote. Everybody wins.



Thanksgiving is all about family. But sometimes not everyone can make it to this wonderful dinner. To stay connected with your family you can totally use the Xfinity Share App, which brings your family to the dinner table without them ever leaving where they are. You can connect with your cousins across the country, your nephew stationed overseas, or your brother who simply can’t get out of work. Sit down and enjoy Thanksgiving with your family, no matter where they are.

Black Friday


If you’re a Black Friday fan, you’re probably planning on going to bed early (if the turkey hasn’t done you in) so you can wake up and 4 or 5 in the morning so you can fight through the disturbingly obnoxious and violent crowds. Well, thanks to the internet, you can still get those deals from the comfort of your own home. Keep that cozy Thanksgiving feeling going with the help of some good ol’ fashioned online shopping.

Thanksgiving can be super stressful, but at the end of the day, it’s a wonderful time that brings together family, friends, and loved ones in a way that no other holiday can. But when you’re hosting, you need all the help you can get. So, if there’s one thing you should be thankful for this year, it should be tech.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!