Netflix and device. Image.

What do you say to someone who says you’re too consumed with social media between your phone and your laptop?

“Now, it’s on my TV too!” Of course.

It was only a matter of time, really.


With the news that Comcast’s X1 television platform will allow real-time social notifications on screen, live-tweeting your favorite show just got a lot easier. Don’t get us wrong, you’ll still have to type out your tweet onto your phone or laptop, but you’ll be able to track your Twitter popularity without taking your eyes off the action.

According to Philadelphia Business Journal, this X1 update came to be through a partnership between Comcast and IFTTT, a software and app-connecting company out of San Francisco. That means if you’re an X1 user, you can activate TV notifications right here. You can even browse through a collection of “recipes” designed to activate personalized notifications based on Craiglist search results, stock activity, or Instagram updates by specific people. (Is that creepy, or nah?)


Put your phone down! You don’t need it anymore! Image.

Plus, if you’re one of those people who’s guilty of staring at your phone during more than 50% of the show you’re watching, maybe this is your way out of those disgruntled, “Come on! Pay attention!” comments from your friends.

Now, even if you’re staring at the TV just to watch your tweet notifications pour in, at least you can swear up and down that you’re actually watching with complete focus. Same line of sight, baby.

Just… Make sure you’re cool with your TV-viewing companions seeing whatever emails or texts show up on the screen. Remember, that’s fair game for anybody to read. Watch your gossip.