People like to read about themselves, right?


Cool, now that we’ve cleared that up, we’ve got a story about you. Yes, you. If you are a person in Denver who watched television in 2015, this story is about you.

We recently got ahold of some numbers about Denver’s top streamed shows on Xfinity On Demand in 2015. Ready to find out whether your personal favorites are also city-wide favorites? What about the likelihood of the attractive person next to you on the train every morning also being a Game of Thrones fan? (Hello, conversation starter.)

This is important information, people. Let’s take a look.

1. Games of Thrones Season 5 (HBO)


No-brainer, really.

2. The Big Bang Theory Season 8 (CBS)



3. Empire Season 1 (Fox)


Yes! We do!

4. Modern Family Season 6 (ABC)


Always a household staple.

5. The Last Man On Earth Season 1 (Fox)


This is Will Forte’s world—we’re just living in it.

6. Last Week Tonight with John Oliver Season 2 (HBO)


We’re so glad this guy finally has his own show.

7. Outlander Season 1 (Starz)


Pretty impressive for a non-major network show.

8. Family Guy Season 13 (Fox)


Same, Stewie.

9. Keeping Up with the Kardashians Season 10 (E!)


How ironic!

10. The Walking Dead Season 5 (AMC)  


Speaking of things we can’t keep up with. Who’s dead, again?

Surprised? Horrified? Proud?

You keep doing you, Denver.

(Curious about the top shows elsewhere? You’re welcome.)